Monday, 23 October 2017


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This certificate expiration is updated based on periodic audits. The current expiration date and scope of accreditation are listed at: - Online QML (Qualified Manufacturer Listing). In recognition of the successful completion of the PRI evaluation process, accreditation is granted to this facility to perform the following:

AC7108 Rev D - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Chemical Processing
Bright Tin-MIL-T-10727
Bright Tin-ASTM-B-545
Copper Plating – AMS 2418
Copper Plating – MIL-C-14550
Copper Plating – Other
Electroless Nickel- AMS-2404
Electroless Nickel- ASTM-B-73
Electroless Nickel -Mil-C-26074
Gold Plating – AMS 2425
Gold Plating – MIL-G-45204
Gold Plating – Other
Gold Plating-ASTM B 488
Nickel Plating – AMS-QQ-N-290
Nickel Plating – MIL-P-27418
Nickel Plating – QQ-N-290

Testing Performed Internally In Support of the Chemical Process Accreditation

B11 – Adhesion Testing (Scratch and Chisel Test) In Support of AC7108
B12 – Adhesion Testing (Bend Test) In Support of AC7108
B14 – Conductivity Testing In Support of AC7108
B16 – Coating Thickness Measurement In Support of AC7108
B17 – Solderability Test In Support of AC7108
B20 – Porosity Testing In Support of AC7108
B21 – Other Testing In Support of AC7108
Solution Analysis In Support of AC7108

Materials we plate: Copper, Copper alloys and Stainless Steel